A Shabbat to Bloom

Tonight is the Jewish holy day of Tu Bishevat: the celebration of trees. We celebrate trees in the winter, before they awaken into Spring. This holiday is about hope. It is about remembering that what we see is only a small aspect of a larger whole. This holiday is about planting seeds knowing that we … Continue reading A Shabbat to Bloom

Tisha B’Av: A Jewish Day of Grieving and Remembering

On Saturday night, August 6, 2022, traditional Jewish communities will be observing Tisha B'Av through fasting, prayer and lamentations. This day is a day of communal memorial for the countless acts of violence and tragedy that have befallen our people, and is attributed to be the day that both the first and second Temples of … Continue reading Tisha B’Av: A Jewish Day of Grieving and Remembering

My Sermon: Queering is Redeeming

I was deeply honored to speak on Ash Wednesday at Queer Spirit Church in Halifax, which feels like the ultimate act of queering: a rabbi speaking in a Baptist church, that hosts an emerging queer community of faith, on Ash Wednesday. I reflect upon these apparent contradictions, as part of my larger life's mission to … Continue reading My Sermon: Queering is Redeeming

Who are the true believers?

Many years ago my daughter spoke a truth so powerful that I believe it has the potential to dismantle the oppressive chains of those who claim to be religious yet espouse a theology of hatred: "If G!d is Love, and two people love each other, and others say that they don't believe in the love … Continue reading Who are the true believers?

Queering is Redeeming

When I was invited to speak at Queer Spirit Church, I was profoundly moved by the opportunity to share with a Christian faith community insights from my faith tradition. As a second generation Holocaust survivor, I feel like I am honoring my ancestors who died so that I could live. This is at the core … Continue reading Queering is Redeeming