My Sermon: Queering is Redeeming

I was deeply honored to speak on Ash Wednesday at Queer Spirit Church in Halifax, which feels like the ultimate act of queering: a rabbi speaking in a Baptist church, that hosts an emerging queer community of faith, on Ash Wednesday. I reflect upon these apparent contradictions, as part of my larger life's mission to … Continue reading My Sermon: Queering is Redeeming

Who are the true believers?

Many years ago my daughter spoke a truth so powerful that I believe it has the potential to dismantle the oppressive chains of those who claim to be religious yet espouse a theology of hatred: "If G!d is Love, and two people love each other, and others say that they don't believe in the love … Continue reading Who are the true believers?

Queering is Redeeming

When I was invited to speak at Queer Spirit Church, I was profoundly moved by the opportunity to share with a Christian faith community insights from my faith tradition. As a second generation Holocaust survivor, I feel like I am honoring my ancestors who died so that I could live. This is at the core … Continue reading Queering is Redeeming