This blog reflects my attempts to distill rabbinic wisdom into insights that can speak to all people. I have dedicated my life to healing and spiritual alchemy. I first began the writings that formed the basis of this blog as part of my role as mission leader for KentuckyOne Health, an interfaith hospital system that brought together Catholic and Jewish hospital systems, in order to bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the undeserved.

I began my weekly reflections on the Torah portion, in order to share some of Jewish Hospital’s heritage and values with staff that may not have known much about Judaism. These reflections were then shared by staff with others who asked to be placed on my blind copy list, as well as by the system mission leader of Catholic Health Initiatives to his own reader list, along with his own reflections. I have been profoundly humbled by the reactions to these writings, and as more people have asked to have access to them, I eventually worked to overcome my discomfort with the internet in order to publish them online.

It is my prayer that these insights will bring healing and insight to others. Thank you for your time reading my work.