Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events at the Reform Jewish Community of Atlantic Canada

The Reform Jewish Community of Atlantic Canada is growing!

We have many events coming up and more planned- and we are open to everyone: Jews, Jew-curious, Jew-adjacent, spiritual seekers, those in recovery from organized religion. We don’t believe in carding people and our services are primarily in English to be accessible to all, and because we believe that understanding the prayers that we recite makes worship more meaningful.

Foundationally, our virtual community is founded upon the sacred principle of unconditional welcome and inclusion. We believe in being barrier-free and open to everyone, with a special focus on those who have traditionally been excluded by organized religions because of who they are or because of who they love. We believe that G!d is Love, and that queering is redeeming- recognizing that most of us have grown up with experiences of religion that have caused us harm, and recognize that our world is increasingly the source of adverse religious experiences. To learn more about how these can impact our identity, spirituality and quality of life, please check out the Religious Trauma Institute.

We have a few virtual worship experiences coming up and these are open to anyone, regardless of where you are. We encourage folks to join us, be they at home watching the service projected onto a big screen, while in their PJs and relaxing over a cup of tea, or walking on a beach and listening through their earphones as they watch the sunset, or sitting outside and sipping a glass of wine or however you wish!

We live in a world where shabbat rest is a form of resistance against the ways in which productivity/doing is valued over being. To learn more about the counter-cultural power of actively claiming rest as an intrinsic component of well-being, please check out The Nap Ministry’s book, Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto. We are committed to dismantling all systemic forms of colonialism and oppression, beginning with ourselves, and drawing upon the wisdom of Jewish tradition in a way that is informed by the progressive values of Reform Judaism and aligned with the deeper spiritual insights present in all religions, when they are redeemed from the ways that they (all organized religion) has been weaponized as methods of conquest.

Here are some upcoming events: mark your calendars, click on the link to register, and join us:

May 12th, 6PM Atlantic (5PM Eastern/6:30PM NFLD) Shabbat Services:

May 25th, midnight Atlantic (11PM/12:30 PM NFLD) All Night, Shavuot Study session in partnership with another alternative Reform community located in California Keeping it Sacred:

June 6th, 6PM Atlantic (5PM Eastern/6:30 PM NFLD) We will be featuring the first of a FREE three part series in partnership with the Union of Reform Judaism- A Taste of Judaism: What do Jews Believe about Torah? To register:

June 9th, 6PM Atlantic (5PM Eastern/6:30PM NFLD) Shabbat Services:

June 13th, 6PM Atlantic (5PM Eastern/6:30 PM NFLD) We will be featuring the first of a FREE three part series in partnership with the Union of Reform Judaism- A Taste of Judaism: What do Jews Believe about Israel? To register:

While the Taste of Judaism series was created for those who do not know much about Judaism and are curious for a number of reasons (maybe they know someone who is Jewish and want to be supportive or increase their cultural competence, or maybe they are curious about learning more), these courses are also intended to help those Jews who perhaps need to unlearn some of the more traditional dogma that they were taught in religious school, in order to find new and more progressive ways of connecting with Judaism as adults. Fundamentally, the approach to these classes, like with everything else the Reform Jewish Community of Atlantic Canada does, is to find ways of drawing inspiration from Judaism, in ways that are aligned with progressive Reform Jewish principles that can support us in our own quest for meaning and purpose in this world.

All are welcome! Please reach out if you are interested in learning more!