Queering is Redeeming

When I was invited to speak at Queer Spirit Church, I was profoundly moved by the opportunity to share with a Christian faith community insights from my faith tradition. As a second generation Holocaust survivor, I feel like I am honoring my ancestors who died so that I could live. This is at the core of my own sense of calling to be a rabbi- and to help the world see and appreciate the wisdom that is Judaism, and in so doing, hopefully reduce some of the antisemitism that is unfortunately growing rampantly throughout our ailing planet. In particular, I am dedicating my rabbinate to to reclaiming the religious voice from those who have sought to hijack it and use it as a weapon. My life’s quest is to work to build bridges of understanding and tear down walls of fear and intolerance, and fundamentally, to Queer faith and in so doing, redeem it. #queeringisredeeming

The following excerpt from my sermon on Wednesday says it all: https://fb.watch/bAF6VF3Wds/